Sunday, September 30

The Daleks' Master Plan Part 4/12: The Traitors

So the Doctor, Steven, Katarina and Bret are in the stolen spaceship on the prison planet Desperus, the Dalek spaceship is just about to land right next to them, and Blond Beard (real name: Kirksen), a crazy inmate of the prison, has just burst into their ship brandishing a knife.

Blond Beard demands to know who's in charge of the ship; Bret says that he is, so Blond Beard threatens to stab everything unless Bret takes them to the planet Kembel (Dalek HQ), because if they go to Earth, Blond Beard will just get sent straight back to Desperus and those Daleks sound like decent chaps, they'll probably help him.

So, because Bret and Steven are sneaky bastards, they both start pretending to switch all the controls around on the console. They tell Blond Beard that it's all done, they're on their way to Kembel now - he is understandably suspicious, because it doesn't feel like they've changed direction at all. Bret, brilliantly, points to the view screen and says that if Blond Beard looks that way he'll see, and then when Blond Beard does, Steven rushes at him to try and tackle him.

Most unfortunately, though, Blond Beard has crazy-man reflexes and he dodges Steven and grabs Katarina, but he falls back into the airlock. Steven hits the button that traps them both inside. I don't know what shit they're trying to pull, I LIKE Katarina. STOP TRYING TO GET RID OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS.

The Doctor tries negotiating with Blond Beard over the intercom:

DOCTOR: Now, then! Listen to me, whoever you are. Bring that girl in here, or we will press a button and you will go outside the door - into space.
BLOND BEARD: Then the girl dies too! If you open the outside door, I'll press the inner release and then we'll all be dead!
DOCTOR: ... good point, well made.

So they change course, because they don't want anything to happen to Katarina. But then Katarina breaks free of Blond Beard's grip! And reaches for the switch to open the airlock door! But she hits the one that opens the door to the DARK VACUUM OF SPACE BABY NO I WAS JOKING ABOUT THEM GETTING RID OF YOU JEEZ WHAT IS WITH THIS SHOW.

STEVEN: She... she pressed the wrong button, Doctor.
DOCTOR: She may have wanted to, dear boy. She wanted to save our lives.
BRET: It must have been... quick.
DOCTOR: I hope she's reached her Place of Perfection.

In places NOT torn to shreds with sadness and heartbreak, Mavic Chen is hanging out in his office with his security chief, known as Karlton, and Lizan, who is... a person. I don't know who she is, exactly, but she's doing technical stuff to show Mavic a hologram of Bret and sending it out to all the Space Security agents. She leaves pretty quickly, at which point Mavic and Karlton basically just rub their hands together and talk about how awesome it'll be when they rule the universe. But their celebratory wankfest is interrupted by a phone call saying that the traitors have landed close by, so that's exciting.

The traitors themselves (and by traitors I mean the Doctor, Bret, and Steven, hope you got that) have actually landed inside this experimental science station? Bret says they should wait there for a while because he has a friend who works there and he'll be able to help them out. Unfortunately, Sara Kingdom, the chick in command of the hunt for Bret, sees them arrive and reports back to Mavic Chen post haste, telling him that she has trapped them inside and she'll kill them herself!

Sara's pretty badass (and another woman in a cool position of power! 1965 did GOOD), but she looks too much like Vicki for me to be entirely happy with her being there. That wound is still fresh.

Bret's friend Daxtar arrives and everyone fills him in on Mavic Chen's association with the Daleks. Daxtar is all, 'Well, shit! At least you guys have the Taranium, right?' at which point the Doctor is all, 'OH NAH MATE nobody mentioned anything about Taranium I guess you must be in league with Mavic Chen!' Daxtar swears blind that the Doctor mentioned it (which is actually plausible, the conversation wasn't aired and they definitely told him about the Time Destructor), and appeals to Steven and Bret to help him out, but Bret... shoots him in the face. Okay cool.

Bret takes charge and decides that he's going to head to the security building himself and send out alerts to some people in charge, and the other two agree, then BAM, Sara Kingdom bursts in and points a gun at them. Bret is pretty gutted, as that's another one of his friends that Mavic Chen has turned against him, but he's man enough to distract Sara while Steven and the Doctor escape. Nice one, Bret.

But then Sara SHOOTS HIM and radios some guy to look out for the other two and SHOOT THEM when he sees them and THE EPISODE ENDS.

Man, I hope Bret's not really dead. The last few episodes have been a bloodbath as it is. It's mental.


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