Saturday, August 18

Seasons 1 and 2 RECAP

Like I said in the introduction post, I've already watched the first two seasons of Classic Doctor Who. If I were blogging any other show, I'd probably go back and rewatch them, but as One's episodes are such a massive slog to get through, instead of blogging each episode of the first two seasons I'm just going to do a big old comprehensive recap of the important points.


The Doctor started off in England in 1963 with his granddaughter (I don't know either! It has not been explained!) whose name is Susan and who is, I think, also Gallifreyan but was enrolled in a muggle school in London because the TARDIS needed repairs, or something.

So one day, two of Susan's schoolteachers, Ian and Barbara, notice something weird about Susan so they follow her home because they are in fact teachers of the subjects of Inappropriate and Not Cool. They meet the Doctor and because the Doctor is a bit of an arse when he looks like William Hartnell, he has an argument with them and follows that up with some super funsies by trapping them all in the TARDIS and travelling to CAVEMAN TIMES.

I should also mention that One's TARDIS is a bit rubbish. Like, he can't control where it goes. If they dematerialise from somewhere, they just. Can't get back. It's a fact that the reboot Doctors are pretty bad at controlling where the TARDIS lands, but there's at least a little bit of steering involved. In 1963? Not so much. So Ian and Barbara were pretty screwed over by the Doctor, there. Like I said. Bit of an arse.

So Ian and Barbara and Susan and the Doctor don't really have any choice but to frolic about space and time for a while, meeting Daleks (because there is a Dalek episode in every. single. season) and rocking out at the French Revolution and, y'know. The usual shenanigans. That is, until season 2 where there's a DALEK EPISODE and Susan falls for this guy from Earth in 2164 and decides to stay with him instead of indulging in more TARDIS fun. Which is good, because Susan was like. Pretty shit. So.

She's quickly replaced by an Earth girl around the same age from the 25th century whose name is Vicki. Vicki is awesome and kickass and everything that Susan wasn't. The gang stays the same for five more serials until there's a DALEK EPISODE and they meet a new guy called Steven. (I've only seen him in one serial after said DALEK EPISODE, but he seems okay. I'm reserving judgement for now.)

Ian and Barbara nick off with some Dalek tech because the Daleks are advanced enough to have a time machine they can actually point in the direction they want to go, and they high-tail it back to sixties London where they belong. So that's where we are right now. The Doctor, Vicki, Steven and a broken TARDIS.

Oh, also, the last episode I watched (The Time Meddler), the Doctor met another Time Lord. And then trapped him in 1066. As someone who grew up with Nine's terrific woe about being the Last Of His Kind, and then Ten's magnificent chemistry with the Master following the revelation that He Was Not Alone, One's 'yeah you're a Time Lord but you're a bit annoying so I broke your TARDIS lol sucks to be you right now' attitude was really weird. But then again, One is, as I have mentioned, a bit of an arse.

This post was not an episode recap, I acknowledge, so one of those will be up before the weekend is out!

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  1. Hey Lindsey, I was just wondering where you got all of these episodes? Cause I wanna kinda watch them in addition to reading this. Like watch the stuff and then read your funny blogpost about it and feel like it was less shit, but I can't find it. Not even to legally buy it!

    1. You can buy the episodes by searching the serial titles on Amazon! But also, like. ;)