Thursday, August 16


Hey there! My name is Lindsey (but sometimes people on the internet call me PotterMoosh) and I like Doctor Who. Well, I like New Who, the series reboot. And by that I kind of mean I like reboot seasons 1-4 (I'm a little too feminist for Moffat's writing). Way back in 2011, I decided it'd be fun to do a little time travel of my own and head back on over to 1963 to watch the whole series from the beginning. It was fun - in a very long, slow and tedious sort of way.

No, but seriously. Until this blog started, I'd made it through two measly seasons. Which is more impressive than it sounds, because each story the first Doctor is in is split into multiple parts - usually about 4-6 twenty-five-minute episodes. So what looks like 18 episodes is more like 100. But even so.

The last Classic Who episode I watched ('The Time Meddler', 1965), I typed out what was happening to my friend Lily over Skype, and one of my Golden Rules of Life was once again proven to be true: light-hearted mockery can improve almost anything.

Now, see, Lily is not always on Skype, as she has a life outside of the internet (weird), and also I definitely annoy her far too much with my horrific attempts at humour; I don't think she could stand it if I spewed my hideously unfunny thoughts at her for another god knows how many episodes. And I LIKE Lily. I want to keep her. And while I'm definitely not above using bribery, blackmail and imprisonment of family members to keep my friends talking to me, it's getting more and more difficult to find places to hide the bodies. And thus: blog.

See, I figure that blogging my way through Classic Who has benefits for many people:
  1. Me, as I get to ramble on about a nerd thing and nobody has to read it if they don't want to.
  2. People who have not seen Classic Who and are interested in the Doctor's backstory but also do not want to drag themselves through fifty years of terrible, terrible special effects. I will watch the episodes for you and the summarise them so you can have the Nerd Points of knowing the lore of Classic Who without having to do the work. Nerd Points are very important on the internet. You're welcome.
  3. People who have seen Classic Who and want to fondly reminisce. Remember those giant man-eating mushrooms in the forest that are sensitive to the electric light that was somehow installed? And that time one of the companions went crazy and started going after the others with a sharp objects and then they left the TARDIS and none of them ever mentioned it again? Ah, good times.
  4. People who are enthusiastic about words, as I will be using a lot of them. I know over fifty different ones and I'm a terrible show-off.
Gosh, that is all the introducing I have in me for one night! I intend to have posts uploaded fairly regularly but I make no promises as to a schedule. Until next time, then, keep your screwdrivers fully charged, reverse the polarities of your neutron flows (a reference I don't yet understand but ONE DAY), and always take a banana to a party. Bananas are good.



  1. This excites me.

    Bananas are most definitely good. :-)

  2. I definitely want this to happen. Did you know Alex and I made a pact that we'd watch every available episode of old Dr. Who?

    1. I did not know that. GOOD LUCK WITH IT. I hope it takes you less time than it's taken me so far.

  3. This website like most is owned by google so it's all creating content for them! From experience i know taking a banana to a party is better than taking a book...yet another life lesson learnt painfully to late

  4. Who + Moosh = (approximately) hummus which equals something I can eat while enjoying this mooshtastic blog. :)

  5. I am having joyspasms, I like the things whatcha do Moosh. :D

  6. Hey, Rushy again :-) . I just wanted to mention that I have my own little blog(a bit more professional, but still fan-ny) named Going Through Doctor Who(cause it rhymes... geddit?)
    Anyway, I wouldn't want to spoil anything for you, but you may consider it fun to read my reviews of the Hartnells and the new series. Cause... nobody else is(literally... I need to promote more...).
    Until then, I'll be checking here once every day, because your blog is like, really addictive. Thanks!