Info & FAQ

Hello! My name is Lindsey, I'm a 20-something UK-based human female and sometimes I watch the old series of Doctor Who and then blog about it. Sometimes people ask me questions about this; here are some of them that I've answered for you.

How do you watch the episodes?
In a safe and legal manner! No, genuinely - I borrow them off my brother, who has all the DVDs and/or VHS tapes because he is a big nerd. But you can search the episode titles on video-sharing sites and they sometimes have them.

Full disclosure: I also read the scripts along with the episodes for the purposes of quoting dialogue and not misspelling all the horrific alien names/species; they're listed at the Doctor Who Transcript Project. 

What exactly is a Moosh?
I dunno, man, I chose the username of 'pottermoosh' when I was 13 and I've just had that ever since. It's nothing to do with Olga Kay (who is a YouTuber who calls her audience 'mooshes,' or something) and it's not - as someone once asked - a portmanteau of 'Mighty Boosh', though I kind of wish it were cos that's a far cooler story than mine. But for our purposes it's just a nickname I have.

Hey, are you that chick from that YouTube video?
Maybe. YouTube is a thing I do sometimes!

Was it really worth having an FAQ page for three questions?