Tuesday, November 6

The Massacre Part 3/4: Priest of Death

Chief Protestant, Admiral de Coligny, is due to be given a shiny new nickname and then assassinated; Steven knows the nickname and the plan but not who the nickname refers to, Nicholas (boyfriend/carer) knows the nickname and the referent but not the plan, and the Catholics know everything, because they're the evil masterminds of this whole thing. The Doctor has wandered off somewhere, and Steven is holed up with Anne But-If-Anyone-Asks-My-Name-Is-Genevieve in Charles Preslin's abandoned shop, which wasn't abandoned yesterday when the Doctor visited but also has been empty for two years.

It seems relatively empty now, because that's where Steven and Anne wake up. The end of the curfew prompts Steven to make a plan; they will go to the Abbot's house and try to see just what the deal is with him looking like the Doctor. Anne, reasonably, tells Steven that the guards will definitely recognise them before he even gets close; Steven refutes this claim, saying that he'll wear a disguise! And then promptly just puts on a different cloak and hat. Excellent espionage skills there, Steven.

Meanwhile, there's an early-morning meeting of important people over at the Louvre. In attendance: King Charles IX, Admiral de Coligny ('Sea Beggar', Protestant in Charge), Marshal Tavannes (Catholic in Charge), Teligny (Councillor, hopefully a one-scene character because I'm losing track of everyone) and Catherine de Medici (Queen Mother, silent observer).

They're all discussing the possibility of France allying itself with the Netherlands and declaring war on Spain. This would, Admiral Protestant claims, unify the country and prevent further civil strife. Marshal Catholic claims that, psh, the country is already unified! There was that marriage between two royals mentioned in the first episode that did that! Also, we're too poor to do war lol. De Coligny argues with this and says that England will definitely be on their side, and the two of them bicker. After a while, King Charles basically says, 'Oh my god guys shut up I'm bored of this war talk,' and then changes the subject to last Saturday's episode of X Factor or something. I definitely like him.

De Coligny and Tavannes are pretty determined, however, and the talk turns to the religious rift in France. De Coligny is pretty pissed that his protestant homebros keep suffering at the hands of the Catholics, who run the joint. Tavannes says that there was a treaty drawn up by the Queen Mother and they're following the rules laid out in that and is he questioning her judgement? Admiral de Coligny says something sarcastic in response, and everyone gets angry. The Queen Mother storms out, Marshal Tavannes goes with her, and King Charles IX is amused and asks if the Admiral wants to play tennis with him. Not even kidding.

Steven and Anne Call-Me-Genevieve make it to the Abbot's place. After arguing with a servant for a bit, they make it inside and the Doctor stays in character, acting all obnoxious and authoritative and... well, actually, acting much the same as usual, just not answering to the name of 'Doctor'. Steven is taken aback by this, and panics.

DOCTOR: What is this?
PRIEST: My Lord Abbot.
STEVEN: Doctor!
DOCTOR Silence! Who is this man? And why does he disturb my peace?
PRIEST: It appears he comes from a dying man.
STEVEN: Um, I... I - I've brought back the servant who ran away!
ANNE: You little shit!

The priest leaves and Steven whispers that he thought Anne would be safer here, with there being an assassin kicking about, but before anyone can reply, Marshal Tavannes storms in wanting a private word with the Abbot regarding the Sea Beggar. The Doctor tells Steven and Anne to wait outside.

So, they go wait outside the door but they can totally still hear the conversation and they find out who the Sea Beggar is! Steven is all like, 'I must tell Nicholas!' because he is a poor lovestruck fool, and the two of them hurry out the side door over to Protestant HQ.

Nicholas is obviously overjoyed to see him, but there isn't time for make-up cuddles, cos there's gonna be a death on the Rue des Fosse St. Germaine if they don't hurry! Meanwhile, Admiral de Coligny is walking along said street and the covertly-named Bondot is setting up his killing weapons. Just as Bondot fires, though, the Admiral bends down to pick up something he dropped (convenient), so he only gets shot in the... arm? How did he even bend over? Do they do that differently in France? Jesus. Anyway, Teligny (forgettable character from the council scene earlier) and Nicholas rush over to him and urge him to a surgeon and he's all alive and stuff so everything's fine.

Teligny rushes to tell the king of this treachery (Charles's reaction: "Will I never have any peace?!"), while Steven and Nicholas have a touching reunion.

STEVEN: Nicholas, I'm sorry. I tried to tell Gaston, he wouldn't listen to me.
NICHOLAS: I know, he told me.
STEVEN: I knew that the 'Sea Beggar' was going to be killed. Until this morning I didn't know who that was.
NICHOLAS: I could've told you.
STEVEN: ;____; Take me back please I'm sorry I didn't mean it I love you.

Unfortunately before they can even have a tiny little kiss, Teligny, who is suddenly a character in this serial, burst in and tells them that shit is going mental outside. The Abbot of Amboise was just murdered outside his own house because he let that pesky Englishman overhear the assassination plans, but the Catholics are blaming the death on the Protestants and things are basically going crazy. Steven races off because, like, that wasn't the Abbot, that was his buddy the Doctor, and Nicholas, charged with watching over the wounded Admiral, watches him leave as a single tear runs down his face. I imagine.

Steven makes it to the crowd outside the Abbot's house. There are a bunch of people - just, like, commoners, I think - all gathered around a body on the floor and talking about how terrible these Huguenots are. They should be banned from entering towns, what with all their 'free-thinking' bullshit! Shady Roger is also nearby, quietly talking to the Captain of the Guard about how cool it is that the crowd believes their deception. Steven doesn't hear this, he's too busy collapsing on the floor next to the body, being all distraught and that. Shady Roger sees him, though, and shouts that HE'S THE ONE WHO KILLED THE ABBOT! The guards arm themselves and go after him. Steven shits himself and runs for it.

Next episode: Bell of Doom. Did not hold back with the ominous titles this serial, did they? Jeez.


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